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The Voice of the International Ministries affiliation was created to help Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists,
Pastor and Teachers build a strong and effective ministry. We provide the fivefold ministry gifts not only
excellence in education but also guidance, counseling and mentoring to help them achieve their full
potential with comprehensive training specifically designed to take the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist,
Pastor and Teacher to the next level with accuracy and integrity. We provide covering for ministers,
ordination, consistent training opportunities loaded with insight, support and the acknowledgement
needed to help keep prophets on track with unstoppable momentum.

Ministers will be encompassed with a great wealth of information designed to empower and equip them
with a sophisticated understanding of biblical truths, which activates faith, power, miracles, signs and
wonders. We will help the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher build a portfolio that will
impress any church leader, those in politics, business, education, entertainment, arts, media and the
family with the knowledge needed to overcome and prosper in this world's environment with life changing

The Voice of The Lord International Ministries, Fivefold Affiliation will give ministers a complete
foundation of practical and essential principles to maximize effectiveness in ministry and society. By
being a part of The Voice of The Lord International Ministers Affiliation, Ministers will gain a
comprehensive understanding of the role of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher in the
church and in society to increase their ministry potential and minimize and lower pitfalls in ministry and in
the spiritual gifts.

Rev. Samuel Rivers, Jr. will teach ministers how directional prophecies work as well as prophecy that
deals with gifts and callings, prophetic prayers and decrees, how to prophesy in the worst of times and
still create leverage and effectiveness in society, etc. Ministers will learn how to shield themselves from
problems and turn those problems into solutions, how to identify weaknesses and overcome them, and
how to take control of their life, ministry and destiny. With wit, insight, revelation knowledge, wisdom,
leadership authority, anointed energy and passion, Rev. Rivers will help Apostle, Prophets, Evangelist,
Pastors and Teachers understand and do what is right with spiritual gifting and the call on their lives.
Furthermore, Ministers will learn how to work with senior pastors, apostles, evangelists and teachers, as
well as political and social leaders to impact and improve the quality of life for individuals.

Sons and Daughters of The Voice of the Lord International Ministries will receive in-depth hands on
training that bridges the gap between knowledge and application as well as invaluable insight into what
separates novices in spiritual gifting from mature Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor and Teachers.
Ministers in the network will gain knowledge to live a remarkable life of power, healings, miracles and
faith for answered prayers. Ministers will receive the confidence and training needed to sharpen and
develop their prophetic gift.

Being a minister requires discipline and that is the training ministers will receive at The Voice of the Lord
International Ministers Affiliation. We are uniquely positioned to offer much more than basic training. We
offer extensive mentorship, training materials from beginning to advance training in virtually every facet of
life. We provide a combination of live workshops, conferences, personal phone coaching and counseling
in an atmosphere and facility to nurture, unlock and activate spiritual and dormant gifting.

Together we will take the ministry gifts of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher to a
whole new level through mentorship where concepts are clarified, gifts are exercised, principles reviewed,
questions are answered, and prophets are guided along, motivated and kept accountable. Whether you're
a seasoned Fivefold Minister or an emerging minister we look forward to being your partner on the
journey to lifelong success.

Request an application by E-mail or by phone Submit the application to The Voice of the Lord
International Ministers Affiliation, either through mail, E-mail or by fax.

Rev. Samuel Rivers, Jr. will evaluate your application in good faith and will then notify you of acceptance
or rejection. He may reject your application or revoke a prior acceptance at any time if he determines that
your Affiliation is no longer suitable for The Voice of the Lord International Ministries.

Your acceptance, rejection or termination at The Voice of the Lord International Ministries is in Rev.
Rivers' sole discretion, but you are welcome to apply again at any time if you feel the reason for a prior
rejection no longer exists.

Once an Applicant has been accepted into Network and has not been
rejected nor terminated, he shall then be considered an "Affiliate" in good standing.

Affiliates expressly agree not to promote The Voice of the Lord International Ministries in connection
with speech or acts of violence, discrimination on the basis of gender/race/sex/religion/age/nationality;
illegal activities, deceptive ministry or business practices, or through politically biased views favoring one
political party over another. However Affiliates are encouraged to participate in community affairs and
support the candidates of their choice. Affiliates wishing to run for political office or accept a political
appointment should notify Rev. Samuel Rivers. Affiliates are not permitted to use The Voice of the Lord
International Ministries name in connection with any political campaign other than to state that they are
affiliated with The Voice of the Lord International Ministries.

Furthermore, Affiliates understand that The Voice of the Lord International Ministries is a Multinational
Company of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastor and Teachers who are Representatives of the
Kingdom of God, in favor of God's agenda and His kingdom being established on earth - operating
through and in the systems of this world. We are on the LORD'S side and firmly believe that the
kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and of His anointed. Such Assignment
means we will aggressively work toward fulfilling that prophesy.

Affiliates shall have no right to make statements and representations on behalf of The Voice of the Lord
International Ministries. An Affiliate minister may represent himself or herself only as an Affiliate of The
Voice of the Lord International Ministries, not as a representative, branch or subsidiary unless publicly
appointed to do so only by Rev. Samuel Rivers, Jr.

The Voice of the Lord International Ministries recognizes that to be a Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist,
Pastor or Teacher we must demonstrate a commitment to corporate governance and responsibility by
conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards in accordance with God's Word as well as laws
and regulations of the countries we engage in ministry and business. Our goal is to empower Ministers to
create a larger vision by incorporating core values, integrity, and accountability, commitment to
excellence, teamwork and accuracy in the prophetic. These values are the foundation that will guide us
through our mission and will strengthen our ability to effectively minister tosociety and to the nations of
this world.

By submitting your application you acknowledge that you have read the Agreement and agree to all terms
and conditions set forth herein. Thank you for your continued commitment to prophetic intelligence,
excellence and integrity.

Samuel Rivers, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Voice of the Lord International Ministries Inc.
1268 Yeamans Hall Road
North Charleston, SC 29410
For More Information Call 843-529-0390

For those interested in becoming an Affiliate